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Build Anything You Want Into Your Life

I am so glad you are here! When you take the time to evaluate where you are and understand what is possible for you, you have the opporunity to create the results you truly desire. 

Each section represents an important element for creating the results you are wanting. In just 2 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you are on track toward creating time and space for yourself.
  2. What areas you need to focus on to to make yourself and your contentment a priority.

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0-3 = I don't have this in place.
4-6 = I've thought about doing this.
7-9 = I'm doing really well here.
10 = I have totally mastered this.


1. I make time to maintain my health by scheduling time to support that goal.

2. I regularly schedule self-care appointments to support both my mind and body.

3. I make time to sit and have regular meals during the day.

4. I build time into my schedule so I don't have to rush from one commitment to another.

5. I am efficient in my schedule to ensure I am balancing personal and work demands.


1. I regularly work to set the tone for how I want to feel as I move through my day.

2. I have a daily practice that helps me get in touch with the priorities for my life.

3. I regularly say "no" to things that get in the way of how I would like my day or week to flow.

4. I set healthy boundaries around things that do not fit into the way I wish to conduct my life.

5. I know how to calm myself when things get too hectic and I need some relief.

III. YOUR COMMITMENT LEVEL (0=not committed, 10=totally committed)

1. I realize the value of working with a coach/mentor to get to the next level in my personal and professional life.

2. I am willing to invest both emotionally and financially to explore options to build the things I want into my life.

3. I value a complimentary evaluation session and will schedule one immediately if qualified.

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